We know that distance never separates two hearts that really care for each other. Still, being away from home for four days per week because of the work put a lot of strain on the whole family.

Our goal is to finally spend a life together, building our own business from home and enjoying the digital lifestyle.


Igor has been involved in the business for 30 years, working a different kind of jobs at the same time. This kind of working life provided him with a good income, but he spends most of the day working, not having time for himself, hobbies and the family. He intended to start a new business from home for a long time – but he never started planning it since the expressions “marketing” and “online business” seemed very daunting.

Ksenija, on the other hand, is a very active person, addicted to the sport. For her, it is difficult to spend 10 hours per day at work and commuting for another two hours. Before her pregnancy, she was working as a manager, but after her return, she moved into another position. The job she is doing now is not really challenging for her abilities, and it takes too much time. Her goal is to have fulfilled job, enough time to do sports and quality time with the daughter and her husband, but at the same time earn enough money to afford life she likes.

We are both gradually quitting from our 9-5 jobs. January 2019 will be the last month on the current position for Igor and Ksenija will join our full-time home business in May. We are very excited to finally spend much more time together and with our daughter and follow her on her first steps in school – the time which will never return.

Someone says: We are a perfect couple, just not in the perfect situation.

And we are about to change this.

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